CBCT Machine in Manton, MI

At Brite White Dental, we’re all about embracing dental tech to give you a great dental care experience. One of our absolute favorites? The CBCT machine. It’s like an X-ray machine from the future, changing how we see your smile, diagnose, and plan treatments. Ready to dive into the world of CBCT machines with us?

What is a CBCT Machine?

Consider the CBCT machine your ticket to an amazing 3D dental adventure. While regular X-rays give you a flat, 2D view, the 3D cone beam scan near you adds an extra dimension of visibility. This magic helps us see your teeth and bones from different angles, making it easier to figure out what’s happening inside your mouth.

How Does a CBCT Machine Work?

Imagine you’re taking a bunch of snapshots of your smile while spinning around in a circle. That’s how the CBCT machine works. It takes X-ray images from all angles, then turns them into a 3D model using a computer. This digital model gives our dental team a clear view of your teeth, bones, and whatever else is hanging out in your mouth – all to help us plan your treatments with a high degree of precision.

Advantages of 3D Dentistry

Here’s why CBCT machines are so helpful in dentistry:

  • Enhanced Diagnostics: We get an even more clear view of what’s happening in your mouth than regular or panoramic X-rays. With a CBCT scan, we’re able to clearly see more minute details from the issue we’re treating.
  • Precise Treatment Planning: With a 3D CT scan dental in Manton, we can plan treatments with accuracy. Whether it’s braces, dental implants, or other dental work, we have a plan tailored to you.
  • Less Radiation: Despite the super-detailed images, CBCT machines use lower radiation doses than traditional CT scans.
  • Efficient and Effective: CBCT scans are speedy – no long waiting times here. Quick scans mean quicker treatment planning, meaning you’re on your way to that winning smile in no time.

Meet Your Dentist

We’re your dentist near Traverse City. If you’re searching for a dentist in your area who’s all about combining tech and dental care, you’ve found your team. Our intraoral scanner and CBCT Machine in your area are here to help ensure that the treatment you receive is expertly and precisely planned. Call us today to book an appointment with our dentist near you.

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