LightScalpel Laser in Manton, MI

LightScalpel Laser

Traditionally, dentists have had to use scalpels and various inefficient dental instruments when performing a surgery. A LightScalpel laser helps cut down on time needed to complete treatments. While it’s widely used today, not all dentists are equipped with this technology due to its high upfront costs.

What Are the Advantages of LightScalpel Lasers in Treatment?

A LightScalpel laser is a powerful CO2 laser used to vaporize and cauterize soft tissue during treatment. This allows for more efficient treatment times and less bleeding, leading to a more comfortable patient experience. They’re used on soft tissue and are the perfect treatment option if you need treatments like a tongue-tie release. LightScalpel lasers also allow accurate incisions and less irritation to the surrounding tissue. This means that patients are less likely to feel any discomfort and have faster recovery times. The risk of infection is also lower when compared to the use of traditional scalpels as a LightScalpel laser will not need physical contact to perform any incisions and can effectively sterilize the treated area. Also, LightScalpel laser treatment may remove the need for local anesthesia entirely as it will naturally numb the area.

What to Expect for Treatments That Utilize LightScalpel Lasers

While the thought of a laser being used to cut tissue may seem daunting, the procedure is less invasive compared to similar options and will not cause any pain or discomfort. Patients can go back to their routine without additional days off, thanks to the faster healing this laser treatment provides. It is still recommended that patients stick to a softer diet following the procedure and give the wound enough time to heal. Complications rarely ever arise from the treatment, but you are advised to call in should you feel constant irritation or discomfort a few days after the procedure. Brite White Dental is a dentist in Manton, MI, that offers various soft-tissue surgeries using a LightScalpel laser. Our dentist, Dr. White, strives to deliver natural-looking results and believes in providing quality dental care at affordable rates. Visit us should you need an experienced dentist for your dental treatments.
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