HealthyStart® Provider in Manton, MI

HealthyStart® Provider in Manton, MI

HealthyStart® is a minimally invasive method of giving your child straighter teeth. It utilizes orthodontic appliances to intervene in developing your child’s teeth and correct any misalignment early on. Conditions such as sleep-disordered breathing (SBD) can affect your child’s sleep quality and be a sign of potential dental problems.

How Can HealthyStart® System Give My Child Straighter Teeth?

The HealthyStart system consists of multiple removable dental appliances that help guide a child’s erupting teeth into place, reducing the need for future orthodontic treatments like braces. Another benefit of the HealthyStart system is that the devices can also help expand arches, making additional space for permanent teeth. They are a cost-effective way of giving your child straighter teeth and avoiding future dental problems. Oral health benefits can include:

benefits of early orthodontic treatment

How Old Should My Child Be for Healthystart?

As the treatment promotes the natural development of teeth, they work best for children aged 2 to 10 as their permanent teeth start to come in. HealthyStart is uniquely custom-made for each child and has proven to be effective in reducing the number of dental-related problems of a bad bite. Children can also avoid common problems like TMD as HealthyStart improves the function of TMJ and alleviates potential causes of stress to TMJ early on.

HealthyStart System Gives Your Child Better Overall Health

A healthy bite is crucial to giving your child a better quality of life. HealthyStart is not only an affordable method of providing straighter teeth but can also help your child avoid the need for expensive and invasive dental treatments later on in life. Children tend to be happier and more confident about their smiles when their permanent teeth come in. Not sure if HealthyStart is right for your child? Reach out, and we’ll go over your treatment options with you.

If you’re looking to get orthodontic treatment without the need for braces, come to Brite White Dental. We’re your Cadillac, MI area dentist that provides HealthyStart to patients looking for straighter teeth. Dr. White has years of experience dealing with various dental situations and can help your child get the smile they deserve.

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