Athletic Mouthwear in Manton, MI

Athletic Mouthwear in Manton, MI

Athletes undergo constant strenuous and vigorous activity whenever they train or participate in their sport. Due to the rise in sporting events, the need for athletes to keep their teeth safe is more in demand than ever. Athletic mouth wear, also known as sports mouthguards, is key to protecting your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Athletic Mouth Wear?

From the calm nature of golf to a high-intensity sport like football, keeping your teeth protected at all times should be every athlete’s top priority. It’s been shown that wearing a mouthguard can absorb the shock experienced when partaking in a sport and keep your teeth protected by evenly distributing the force from an impact. Another benefit of wearing athletic mouth wear is athletes’ added performance. As the mouthguard prevents an athlete from clenching their jaws, it prevents the body from sending signals to the brain, which would have released hormones that could affect your performance. Athletes can see a noticeable increase in performance while keeping their teeth protected.

Which Sports Mouthguard Is Recommended?

These mouthguards are custom-made and protect your teeth from damage by preventing teeth clenching when you train or engage in your favorite sport. These customized mouthguards can quickly and easily be manufactured within a few trips to the dentist and are relatively durable. Most lasting about six months before needing to be replaced due to wear and tear. Maintaining your mouthguard is also relatively simple as you can easily clean it with water and other dental products you have at home.

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