Tongue Tie Treatment in Manton and Cadillac Area

Tongue Tie in Manton, MI

Tongue-tie is a condition due to a frenulum defect (part of the tissue that connects the tongue to the lower jaw). It primarily affects children and will inhibit and cause restrictions to the movement of their tongues. Tongue-tie affects between 5 and 10 percent of all infants and can cause speech impairments and other issues when left untreated.

Tongue-Tie Is a Genetic Condition That We Can Treat

The medical term for tongue-tie is ankyloglossia and may be difficult for the untrained eye to spot. If you believe your child suffers from tongue tie, we encourage you to bring them in for a check-up. While problems associated with tongue-tie can improve with time, in severe cases, treatment is recommended as your child will have trouble eating certain foods and difficulty pronouncing certain words. Tongue-tie may also hinder your child’s ability to properly get to certain spaces in the mouth, leading to poor oral hygiene and various dental problems. We can easily treat the condition with a frenectomy or tongue-tie release, whereby your dentist will make a surgical cut to release the frenulum. The procedure is minimally invasive, and your child should make a full recovery within a few weeks.

A tongue-tie release may be necessary if your child…

  • has issues latching onto the breast when breastfeeding
  • shows visible signs of pain and discomfort when breastfeeding
  • takes a long time to feed
  • has speech issues and can’t pronounce certain words
  • may stutter and breathe through their mouths
  • has trouble falling asleep

Tongue-Tie May Also Affect Adults

A major indicator that an adult may suffer from tongue-tie is their inability to stick their tongue past their lower teeth. Adults affected by tongue-tie will also have audible speech impairments and migraine-like headaches. Depending on the severity of the tongue-tie, they may have a poorer quality of sleep, trouble eating, and suffer from cases of TMD.

Brite White Dental is your local dental clinic in Manton, MI, providing tongue-tie treatment. Dr. White is a highly experienced dental practitioner and can provide your child with the care they need.