Dental Bridges in Manton, MI


Are you missing some of your teeth? Then, you could benefit from dental bridges in Manton, MI. A dental bridge consists of pontic or false teeth supported by adjacent teeth. If you don’t have healthy teeth to anchor a dental bridge, our dentist near you may suggest implant-supported bridges. These are held in place by artificial tooth roots or implants.

Dental bridges near you reinstate chewing function. They also enable you to smile with confidence. If you’re battling tooth loss, please call Brite White Dental today to discuss your teeth replacement options with Dr. White.

Types of Bridges

Brite White Dental offers four types of dental bridges in Manton, MI. They include conventional bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland-bonded bridges, and implant-supported bridges.

Conventional Bridges

A conventional bridge consists of one to four replacement teeth supported by two anchor teeth via crowns, one on either side of the tooth gap.

Maryland-Bonded Bridges

A Maryland-bonded bridge is similar to a conventional bridge in that two anchor teeth support it. However, unlike traditional bridges that utilize crowns, Maryland bridges use a porcelain or metal wings framework. These wings are bonded to the underside of the anchor teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

A cantilever bridge is held in place by a single anchor tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

If a tooth loss patient doesn’t have healthy teeth to anchor the bridges, Dr. White may recommend implant-retained bridges. Implant-supported bridges in Manton, MI offer excellent stability and don’t interfere with adjacent teeth. In addition, implants stimulate the jawbone, thus preventing bone loss.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Our dentist in Manton, MI first trims the anchor teeth to install a dental bridge. Next, the dentist obtains your dental impressions. Once the dental bridge is back from the dental lab, the dentist removes any temporary restorations and cements the bridge in place. If you’re getting implant-supported bridges, you’ll have to undergo implant surgery as a prerequisite step.

Some key benefits of dental bridges include:

  • They reinstate your ability to chew.
  • They close gaps in your smile, allowing you to smile confidently.
  • They eliminate the speech problems associated with missing teeth.
  • They prevent remaining teeth from drifting into the gaps created by missing teeth.
  • Implant-supported bridges prevent bone loss.
  • Dental bridges maintain your facial appearance.

Transform Your Smile

If you’re struggling with gaps in your smile, Brite White Dental can help. Call us now to book a visit with our dentist in Manton, MI.

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