Migraine Pain Prevention in Manton, MI


Migraine headaches can occur due to stress, hormonal changes, and other lifestyle habits. If you have recurring migraine headaches, consider coming to Brite White Dental. For us, the patient’s comfort is paramount. We strive to relieve patients of their migraine pain and aid in the prevention of future migraine pains.

What Can I Do to Prevent Migraine Pain?

Stabilization splints are a popular method of dealing with migraine headaches as they can help stabilize the jaw and help ease any muscle tension. It is effective at helping patients deal with migraine pain and may be more comfortable than a traditional bite guard. It can comfortably be worn at night, preventing and reducing the severity of a patient’s jaw clenching when they sleep. Stabilization splints may also benefit patients who suffer from TMD and help them avoid the need for prescription medication that may have unwanted side effects. It has also been shown to reduce abnormal muscle contractions and keep teeth protected when patients clench their teeth.

Lifestyle Changes That Reduce Migraine Headaches

One significant lifestyle change a patient can make to reduce the frequency of their migraine headaches is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Implementing frequent sips of water throughout the day can reduce the intensity and duration of your migraine pain. Other lifestyle changes a patient can include being active by exercising more often. Regular exercise can help ease and reduce migraine pain by alleviating anxiety and depression. Exercise reduces a patient’s stress levels, improves overall sleep, and promotes better cardiovascular health. Having regular sleeping hours and making sure their surrounding environment is calm can also help reduce the frequency and intensity of a patient’s migraine headaches. While medication is an excellent way of treating migraines, we believe that natural remedies will go a long way to helping patients reduce and deal with migraine pain.

Get rid of any migraine pain you may have by coming to Brite White Dental for stabilization splints. Dr. White is a highly experienced practitioner in the field and constantly strives to deliver the best dental care possible. Feel free to arrange your next appointment at our Manton, MI, dental office whenever you need reliable dental care.

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