Dental Fillings in Manton, MI


If you have chipped, cracked, decayed, or worn teeth, our dentist near you will likely recommend tooth fillings to repair dental function and appearance. Tooth fillings near you are usually the first-line treatment for various types of dental damage. Failure to undergo a tooth filling procedure in good time can necessitate other extensive remedies such as root canal therapy, dental crowns, and even extraction. Please call Brite White Dental in Manton, MI, today to enjoy a wide range of tooth fillings near you, including tooth-colored fillings.

Types of Fillings

For many decades, patients seeking dental restoration were limited to silver amalgam fillings. These are made from a mixture of metals, including silver, copper, tin, and mercury. Silver fillings are durable and can withstand chewing pressure. Unfortunately, however, they score poorly on aesthetics and cause tooth discoloration. Today, patients have more varied options, including tooth-colored composite resin fillings, glass ionomer fillings, gold and ceramic fillings. Each of these fillings has different pros and cons. We encourage discussing the benefits and downsides of these fillings with Dr. White so you can make an informed decision.

Mercury Free Fillings

If you’ve got many fillings, you might be concerned to learn that mercury in tooth fillings was a common practice until a few years ago. While mercury is an easy-to-manipulate metal, it is also toxic, which means if your filling breaks or comes loose from your tooth, you could be in great danger. Thankfully, replacing your filling with one of our mercury-free fillings near you is easy. If you suspect that one of your existing fillings may contain mercury and you need to get it replaced as quickly as possible, then contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

Tooth Fillings Step-by-Step Procedure

Here’s what to expect during your tooth filling appointment at Brite White Dental:
  • Dr. White numbs the tooth that requires filling.
  • Next, our dentist removes the decayed portions of the tooth using a dental handpiece.
  • After removing the decayed parts, the dentist cleans and disinfects the cavity.
  • Finally, the dentist fills the cavity using your preferred filling material.
Tooth-colored composite resin fillings call for a slightly different procedure. Composite resin fillings are poured in layers instead of pouring in the filling material all at once. After the multilayering process, our dentist near you shapes and polishes the material to fit the desired look.

Indirect Vs. Direct Fillings

Sometimes, a cavity may be too large to be repaired using a simple, direct filling. In addition, the cavity may not be big enough to necessitate a dental crown. Our dentist will likely recommend indirect fillings in such situations. Indirect fillings are made in a lab and then cemented to your teeth. They’re also known as inlays and onlays. If you’re battling cavities and seeking dental restoration, please get in touch with Brite White Dental today.
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