Brite White Dental Testimonials

We are glad you have chosen us as your dental home.  Here are some testimonials and letters from Dr. White’s patients and previous team members.




Dr. White, Thank you so much for taking care of me yesterday. Your dental office is the best I have ever seen. Your customer service is impeccable. I have been in customer service most of my life, and yours is absolutely superb. I feel great today, and yesterday I truly did not feel you pulling my tooth. I never thought I would ever say this but I am looking forward to my next visit in February. Keep singing, it works!

J. H.
She actually cares about her patients.
Someone trained her well.
She is not like other dentists.  She actually cares.  Most dentist just don’t give a damn.
I really like her.  She really knows what she is doing.  She needs to know that.
Dr. White and Danielle: You guys have been absolutely amazing.  I know you’re just doing your job but to me it’s a life changing experience!  No one in your profession has ever made me feel as comfortable as you have! I just want to say thank you for all you have done and thank you for being so wonderful.
I am so happy with your work.  I just wanted you to know!  Thank you so much!
So GREAT to eat my dinner with NO sensitivity!!!! Thank you, Dr. Awesome!
I told my wife that she has to come here. This doctor really knows her stuff and what she is doing!
Greetings Dr White,

I must let you know the shock I was in when I attended my cleaning February 25th at Lifecare Dental.   All was well until the doctor (you) walked in and spoke hello.  I immediately rose from my chair and said "Dr.  White, your voice has drastically changed!”  Only then was I told that you're no longer here.  

I wish you happiness and great adventures with this new chapter in your dental career.  May you always be an excellent dentist towards other's as you have been to Kayla and I.  Kayla too, was saddened with the news of your departure, however she now understands somewhat better of how I felt when she joined the Navy and left us.

May God bless you, your family and dental staff all the days of your life!

"It looks like a brand new tooth!” [Patient remarks after a filling]
E.B. & many others
I live in Big Rapids but go to school at Baker, so it was easier for me to come to Cadillac for my appointments, but they are all so great, I will continue to come here even when I am done with school.  It is worth the drive.
I had just a great experience [extraction and bone graft].  I can't wait to get in for the rest of my treatment.  I feel more confident now with how the rest of my treatment will go!
That was the 'smoothest poke' I have ever had.  [Dr. White asked the patient what they meant.]  I'm serious, that was the best shot I have ever had.
"Thank you soooo much. The spouse loves it [repaired chipped front tooth]. You [Dr. White] are a very skilled dentist!
Dr. White is the most wonderful doctor I have ever had!  I barely felt the shot and after the numbness wore off, the spot didn't hurt and they always used to!  I look forward to seeing her again.
I'm impressed!  I have never had that much work done during one appointment and I was comfortable the whole time.  She [Dr. White] even made me laugh a few times.  I will definitely be back.
I have had a lot of extractions and every one of them was a miserable experience.  But, after Dr. White extracted my last tooth, I decided if I ever needed another one, she would do it.  I was very numb and she took the time to make sure it [the infection] was cleaned out well instead of just shoving gauze in my mouth and kicking me out the door.
Those fillings you [Dr. White] did years ago are the best ones in my mouth and I will never have anyone else ever work on me. I don't care how far I have to drive. (Patient lives over an hour away.)
That was the first painless appointment I have ever had. [Root canal on a molar]
Dr. White,
I hope your new patients and new staff realize the great dentist they are getting.  I’ll miss you and thanks for helping me through 5 ½ of my 27 years as a dental assistant!