Outstanding Benefits of HealthyStart For Kids

Outstanding Benefits of HealthyStart For Kids

December 30, 2022

Benefits of HealthyStart for Kids

Your smile is the thing that people notice first. Most parents want their children to grow up to have a perfect smile with healthy teeth, but don’t realize that obtaining this perfect smile begins early in childhood. To ensure that your child’s teeth stay well aligned, early orthodontic treatment is available as early as the stage when permanent teeth erupt.

To ensure that your child’s teeth emerge in the correct positions, you can utilize a system of early orthodontic intervention called HealthyStart. It helps correct problems related to teeth emergence by manipulating the jaw’s development, encouraging the proper eruption of permanent teeth.

If you feel that your child may need early orthodontic intervention, you can visit a HealthyStart provider near you. Brite White Dental is a HealthyStart provider near Traverse City, MI. Dr. White and her team can provide expert advice on whether your child is a candidate for HealthyStart treatment.

How does HealthyStart work?

The HealthyStart system utilizes comfortable, removable appliances to guide the permanent teeth to erupt in their ideal locations. These appliances enhance the expansion of the arches to avoid crowding during teeth emergence, as well as guiding the growth and alignment of the lower jaw.

A HealthyStart treatment can include several phases. They may include:

Habit correction

This phase eradicates any harmful oral habits your child may have developed. The device is like a mouthguard; your child wears it while sleeping. This phase lasts 1-5 months.

Second phase

This second phase also entails wearing an appliance at night to achieve different objectives. It ensures that your jaws accommodate permanent teeth while guiding the teeth to erupt in precise locations. They wear the appliance in the second phase for 2-6 months.

Final phase

This final phase begins when your child has about four permanent teeth. The device accommodates permanent teeth as they continue growing to prevent misalignments.

During all phases of treatment, once the dentist recommends using a particular appliance, you should ensure your child adheres strictly to the plan when wearing it.

It is advisable to visit a HealthyStart provider near you so that they can give you a precise treatment plan for your child after evaluating them. A treatment plan by an experienced dentist such as Dr. White at Brite White Dental is key to successful treatment.

Benefits of HealthyStart

Each HealthyStart appliance is customized to fit your child’s mouth. Adherence to the treatment plan and starting orthodontic treatment early can significantly improve the treatment outcome and help to reduce the treatment time. It also corrects oral health habits at an earlier age to help prevent them from causing orthodontic problems in later life. Always target to start the treatment of your child early.

Other benefits include:

  • Pain-free appliances, helping your child to adhere to the treatment plan
  • Removable, making cleaning easy
  • These appliances are only worn at night or for a few hours, making them stress-free.
  • Widens airways. Widened airways help prevent sleep apnea which is a severe sleep disorder.
  • Straightens teeth. Everyone wants a perfect smile, which you achieve by having a pair of straight and well-aligned teeth.


HealthyStart is not expensive compared to other orthodontic treatments. It is roughly half the cost of braces, making it affordable for most people. Pricing for HealthyStart can be provided by Brite White Dental near Cadillac, Traverse City, MI, when your child is evaluated for treatment. If needed, Brite White offers financing through iCreditWorks and Care Credit.


You don’t have to wait till your child is a teenager to start orthodontic treatment. Ensure they get the perfect smile and the confidence that comes along with it early in life by utilizing the HealthyStart system. It enhances jaw development, widens the airways, and controls the proper emergence of permanent teeth.

Reach out to the knowledgeable staff at Brite White Dental if you have any questions about HealthyStart, or are interested in booking a consultation for this treatment!

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