Dr. Jennifer White (Dentist and Owner)

  Dr. Jennifer White was born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana. Two weeks before she started fourth grade, she fell off her bike and broke her front teeth.  She had a great experience with her childhood dentist and left the office that day with dreams of being a dentist herself to help people with similar situations.  She is passionate about full body health and wellness and wants to help everyone obtain their goals to live long and healthy lives.

She also enjoys spending time with the family, snowmobiling, cooking, snow and water skiing, fishing and golfing. She is absolutely in love with her sons - Zach & Zane!
Dr. White is also a member of the ADA, MDA, and AGD.

She attended Indiana University in Bloomington before entering Indiana University School of Dentistry, receiving her D.D.S. degree in 2006 alongside her husband, Dr. Ben Seymour.

My Why....

"Right before I started fourth grade, I fell off my bike and broke my two front teeth. I was devastated! But my dentist, in about an hour, with no pain, put me right back together again.  I just wanted to help restore people's smiles and health. One day at a time."