BWD Community Outreach

I got into this field because when I was little, I fell and broke my front teeth. The doctor who put me back together again inspired me to do this for a living and I want to help people. The longer I am in this field, I can see the connection to whole body health first hand. I want to raise awareness of oral health being a part of whole body health, and then it came to me – rubber wristbands.

At the office, we have a special account set up to help those in need. Area churches, local businesses and individuals contribute money to this account that we can use to help those in need at our discretion. It hit me like a ton of bricks at 3 a.m. - Why not sell the wristbands and put that money into the fund?! Perfect!

So, here we have it, our commitment to our community and oral health. Will you please join us on our mission to spread the word?

Wristbands can be purchased at the office and local retailers including Larson’s Floral and Gifts, City2Shore Real Estate, Cast Iron Kitchen and Bostick’s Drug Store for only $5.

“Whole body health starts with your mouth.”